Acrylic on Newspaper Instructions


Paint transforms simple newspaper into durable artwork. Its easy to turn leftover paint into something useable.



Acrylic paint and Sharpie on newspaper  -  6 x 8 in.  -  'Copper Envelope'  -  by Anna-Lise of She's in the Studio

Instructions for Copper Envelope 

Clean your brush on newspaper and let it dry. The paint on this project is cooper and gold acrylic paint. Its randomly brushed on and some of the newspaper is purposely left unpainted to keep it raw looking.

Open up an envelope to use as a pattern. Any type envelope will work. Trace the outline on the back and cut out along the line.

Fold using the pattern envelope as your guide. The acrylic paint makes the newspaper surprisingly strong. Use the fold lines as your guide for where to place your artwork.

Plan your design with space for the address and postage. The markers used in this design are brown and silver (the eyes) Sharpie brand.

From humble newspaper to glowing copper envelope.