Paper Bag Art Instructions 


Create art with materials that are easy to find. The middle tones of brown paper bags or Kraft paper are wonderful for rendering all types of skin colors.



Color pencil and ink on paper bag  -  'Skjert'  -  18 x 24 in.  -  by Anna-Lise of She's in the Studio 

Instructions for Making Paper Bag Art

This project was a test to see how color pencil and ink drawing performs on different types of materials. The drawing i planned had lots of detail so I worked it out vellum paper first. My design ideas was to use the mid-tone of the paper to weave the contours of the face and scarf in and out.

Next transfer your drawing to the paper or sketch out your drawing. Rub a color pencil on back of your drawing and trace over lines to transfer it. This will keep your art cleaner then if you use a graphite pencil. 

This detail shows how well the brown paper takes the color pencil. Be careful with using erasers. The paper will only handle gentle erasing with a soft eraser. Add light highlights first to your drawing.

Start adding some of the shadow shading and build up the layers of color pencil. Use the softer and more waxy color pencils first and ending with harder color pencils.

In this closeup you can see how the color pencil is built up. Use the direction of your pencil strokes to build up the shaping of your drawing. Burnish the colors to brighten them and make them pop.

Color pencils work great on brown paper bag and I was surprised by how much it could handle. I would defiantly try another project on a paper bag.

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